Why am I not receiving emails from Memolink to earn points?


Most of the time, members do not receive emails because their e-mail program/host has decided to block them. Please make sure to set your email program settings so that the following email addresses are protected:



While this may not guarantee them being received, it might help. If you still don't receive emails from Memolink, you may want to contact your e-mail client and let them know that you've chosen to get these e-mails and that you'd like them to stop blocking them. It could be that they are blocking all e-mails sent from all of our mail server IP addresses. If that is the case, we recommend you change the e-mail address in your Memolink account to a different e-mail program. There are many free ones out there to choose from online. Recent studies conducted by Memolink show that gmail users receive fewer bounces then members that use other email service providers. Gmail is free and may be accessed at: www.gmail.com.

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