Why am I not qualifying for your surveys?


Memolink has worked with a partner to provide our members with more surveys to take, and many of these surveys are targeted to you based on your birth date, zip code, and gender you provided when you joined Memolink. Working with this partner was an attempt to actually make it easier for you to qualify, and we’re sorry that is not the case for you.  Please check your profile and confirm that your birth date, zip code, and gender are accurate.  When you’re in your profile, this information is on the right side called “my profile”. You can update it by clicking the edit link in the upper right corner of that box.

 You may also want to try searching by difficulty level. The fewer circles shown means the easier the survey is to qualify for.  If you’re having difficulty qualifying for surveys, we would recommend not trying to take any surveys with 4 or 5 circles in the difficulty column. Those surveys generally have quite a few qualification requirements that you may not meet.  

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