Why do I see "Memogold User" followed by a 0 in my account?


As a Memogold user, you receive 1.1 points instead of 1 point as a standard member. In an effort to keep your Activity History from looking too cluttered, we aren't showing you that .1 for each point. If the 10% bonus amount is less than 1 point, 0 points will be shown. However, you will still be awarded that .1 point. For example, if you get 1.1 points ten times, then your account will show 11 total points (1.1 x 10 = 11). These decimal points are actually added onto your account on the back end, so your point total will increase without you actually seeing the accumulation of these points in your history. If you earn 1.1 points 10 times, you will NOT see those 11 points as a line item on your account, but your point total will reflect them.

Keywords: why am I seeing 0 (zero, zeros) in my account?

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